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RCS Messaging

Rich Communication Services - Combining the
trust and speed of SMS with upgraded features
that make messengers and apps so convenient

Consumer Communication Re-Invented
Enter the RCS Era with GTX!

RCS offers an all-new option for companies to stay in touch with their customers where it matters the most: on their Smartphones. RCS combines the trust and speed of SMS with upgraded features that make messengers and apps so comfortable. And it's an operator standard - so there are no traps or insecurities for participating providers.

4.3 Billion People can receive RCS by 2020

Brands reach out to customers through a variety of channels, and often the journey becomes confusing for the customer. The advantages of RCS as the next level, operator-standard messaging format are clear. It gathers many advantages of the SMS era and enables richer, personalized and brand-attractive environment.

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Future use cases involving RCS

  • Review an order, change the details, cancel an appointment or change the delivery address.
  • Book a flight or a rental car, review the seats for your itinerary and change to your preferred option.
  • If customers would like to review the payment status of an order, change their payment method, or make adjustments.
  • With questions to companies, regarding services or specific orders, consumers will have a rich, trusted and comfortable channel available.

Establishing Clear CTAs

In an RCS session, consumers will receive messages that lead to defined and clear calls to action (CTA), which will lead to better conversions.

Upgrading the Media Experience

Companies will use a messaging format that has many of the benefits of apps, like rich media. RCS sessions will be appealing, colorful and easy to use.

Keeping SMS advantages

Just as with the SMS, RCS is very quick to read and secure. It receives the user's attention right when it arrives and it is perfectly easy to respond.

Bonus for Brands

In contrast to classic SMS, companies will be able to brand their RCS communication with customers. This reflects in logos, colors, language and more.

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