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Our SMPP interface provides an easy-to-use
and easy-to-implement SMPP interface for receiving
and submitting messages from and to the gateway.

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GTX Messaging SMPP Gateway

The Mobile Messaging SMS Gateway provides an SMPP interface for standardized connectivity. It is based on the protocol version 3.4 as described in the official SMPP specification

If you have trouble downloading this document please ask us for a copy.

This manual will answer some common questions regarding the connection and message submission. If you have further questions regarding this interface, please contact your account manager or file a trouble ticket to

Connectivity Settings


The SMPP interface is reachable under the following address:

Your account manager will announce the target port upon account creation.

System Type

Please use the system type "WMA".


Enquire Link Interval

To keep the connection alive, please send an enquire_link command every 60 seconds. If the SMPP gateway doesn't receive any message within 120 seconds it will close the connection by sending an unbind command.


Bind Mode

We recommend binding as a transceiver to be able to both send and receive messages.


Unbind Command

Please be aware that the SMPP gateway may send an unbind command to your client You may reconnect automatically after a few seconds.



By default your account is set up with a maximum throughput of 5 SMS per second. In case you want to increase this limitation please talk to your account manager.

TON / NPI Settings

This part explains the TON (Type Of Number) and NPI (Numbering Plan Indicator) settings that should be used with the Gateway. For further information please refer to the SMPP specification, sections 5.2.5 and 5.2.6.


Bind TON / NPI

When binding both TON and NPI should be set to NULL.


Source Address TON / NPI

When submitting messages please set the TON and NPI accordingly: 

11International numeric originator
21 Local / national originator, either shortcode or numeric
50Alphanumeric originator


Destination Address TON / NPI

The destination address should always be submitted using TON = 1 and NPI = 1. The SMPP gateway always expects an international number format.

Delivery Reports (DLR)

Depending on the chosen product the underlying routing may not support DLRs. Please ask your account manager about DLR support on your product.


Reason Codes

The following DLR reason codes will be returned:

Code Meaning
0000 Success, No Error
0001 unknownSubscriber
0002 unknownBaseStation
0003 unknownMSC
0005 unidentifiedSubscriber
0006 absentsubscriberSM
0007 unknownEquipment
0008 roamingNotAllowed
0009 illegalSubscriber
000a bearerServiceNotProvisioned
000b teleserviceNotProvisioned
000c illegalEquipment
000d callBarred
000e forwardingViolation
000f cugUReject
0010 illegalSS-Operation
0011 ss-ErrorStatus
0012 ss-NotAvailable
0013 ss-SubscriptionViolation
0014 ss-Incompatibility
0015 facilityNotSupported
0017 invalidTargetBaseStation
0018 noRadioResourceAvailable
0019 noHandoverNumberAvailable
001a subsequentHandoverFailure
001b absentSubscriber
001c incompatibleTerminal
001d shortTermDenial
001e longTermDenial
001f subscriberBusyForMT-SMS
0020 sm-DeliveryFailure
0021 messageWaitingListFull
0022 systemFailure
0023 dataMissing
0024 unexpectedDataValue
0025 pw-RegistrationFailure
0026 negativePW-Check
0027 noRoamingNumberAvailable
0028 tracingBufferFull
002b numberOfPW-AttemptsViolation
002c numberChanged
002d busySubscriber
002e noSubscriberReply
002f forwardingFailed
0030 or-NotAllowed
0031 ati-NotAllowed
0032 noGroupCallNumberAvailable
0033 resourceLimitation
0034 unauthorizedRequestingNetwork
0035 unauthorizedLCSClient
0036 positionMethodFailure
003a unknownOrUnreachableLCSClient
0047 unknownAlphabet
0048 ussd-Busy
0056 subscriberLocationReport
2100 Unrecognized component
2101 Mistyped component
2102 Badly structured component
2200 Duplicate invoke ID
2201 Unrecognized operation
2202 Mistyped parameter
2203 Resource limitation
2204 Initiating release
2205 Unrecognized linked ID
2206 Linked response unexpected
2207 Unexpected linked operation
2301 Return Result unexpected
2302 Mistyped parameter
2400 Unrecognized invoke ID
2401 Return Error unexpected
2402 Unrecognized error
2403 Unexpected error
2404 Mistyped parameter
6000 memoryCapacityExceeded
6001 equipmentProtocolError
6002 equipmentNotSM-Equipped
6003 unknownServiceCentre
6004 sc-Congestion
6005 invalidSME-Address
6006 subscriberNotSC-Subscriber
8000 Unrecognized message type
8001 Unrecognized transaction ID
8002 Badly formatted transaction portion
8003 Incorrect transaction portion
8004 Resource limitation
800b Dialogue collision
8010 Node not reachable
81xx Incorrect message length
82xx Missing mandatory IE
83xx Incorrect IE length
84xx Bad parameter value
85xx No free dialogues
86xx Invalid dialogue ID
87xx Exceeded maximum length
88xx Invalid parameter
89xx Inappropriate transport message
8axx Agent not registered
8bxx Dialogue collision
8cxx TC User not bound
c001 sc-AddressNotIncluded
c002 mnrf-Set
c004 mcef-Set
c008 mnrg-Set
e001 The dialogue has received a MAP-DELIMITER unexpectedly.
e002 The dialogue has received a MAP-SERVICE-REQUEST unexpectedly.
e010 Could not decode an ASN.1 encoded parameter.
e011 Could not ASN.1 encode a parameter.
e020 Dialogue queue size exceeded.
e040 Dialogue timed out, i.e. the far side did not respond or there is a network problem.
e080 Invalid delivery outcome (<0 or >2 on any MAP level, or 1 on MAP 1)
e081 Invalid destination address
e1xx Could not open MAP dialogue the lowest 8 bits contain the code returned by TDAPI
ff00 (GTX) Internal error
ff01 (GTX) Destination temporarily not available
ff02 (GTX) Networklookup temporarily failed
ff03 (GTX) Rejected by MNO
ff04 (GTX) Unknown/Unmappable MNO errorcode
ff05 (GTX) Expired
ff06 (GTX) Blacklisted MSISDN
ff07 (GTX) MNP not supported
ff08 (GTX) Insufficient Credit
ff81 Incorrect message length
ff82 Missing mandatory IE
ff83 Incorrect IE length
ff84 Bad parameter value
ff85 No free dialogues
ff86 Invalid dialogue ID
ff87 Exceeded maximum length
ff88 Invalid parameter
ff89 Inappropriate transport message
ff8a Agent not registered
ff8b Dialogue collision
ff8c TC User not bound
ffe1 Could not open MAP dialogue


SMS rejected by errorcodes "ff00", "ff01", "ff02" and "ff08" will not be charged.


DLR Example

id:abcdef12-3456-7890-abcd-ef123456789 sub:001
  dlvrd:001 submit date:1105011200
  done date:1105011200
  stat:DELIVRD err:0000 text:


Click to Download SMPP Manual

SMPP 3.4 specification

SMPP Specifications