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The Company

Founded in 2006, GTX Messaging is a specialist for truly
global messaging. Offering solutions that convince both in
terms of cost and quality, GTX has an excellent global interface
to carriers all over the world. An experienced partner for small
businesses and top-level mobile clients, GTX Messaging makes
sure each day that its customers receive the best solutions for
their demands.

Our Mission:

Excellence at affordable rates,
powered by experience

Global reach, reliable broadcasting, economic offers - GTX Messaging combines these key goals in a unique package. We are your partner of trust for tailored mobile messaging solutions. We dedicate our whole experience in the industry to deliver our clients essential competitive advantages. GTX Messaging - your message, delivered.

Our Experience:

Pioneers in the SMS market,
we will deliver your message

A seasoned player, GTX Messaging was founded in 2006. There's even more experience in the company. The core team has been working together in mobile messaging and billing since the late 90's. GTX Messaging has gained acclaim as a trustworthy and reliable partner for all scopes of messaging and mobile billing demands. 




Meet our small team that knows the mobile market inside out

With a team of experts in technology, network integration and customer service, GTX Messaging is a leading provider of international mobile connectivity. General Manager Oliver Zabel, a veteran in the SMS industry founded GTX in 2006. Working together with experienced IT- and Network-Experts, a passioned Sales-Team and a friendly Customer Service. 

GTX Team - Oliver Zabel
Oliver Zabel
CEO & Founder

The advantage of SMS is that this service will never stop working consistently and safely. It may change its field application, but always be best way secure micro-communication.

gtx alexander grau
Alexander Grau
Marketing & Sales Manager

What sets GTX apart from other mobile companies? Representing a product which is well appreciated all over the world while serving global customers - and combining this with our experience in the field of SMS.

GTX Team - Alexander Malysh
Alexander Malysh
System Engineering

Performance and high capacity are the hallmarks of the GTX Messaging System as well as of the SMS itself. We connect to hundreds of routes and partners at a time. SMS connects people all around the world and we are the experts that enable this connection.

Teammember Daniel Dinnebier
Daniel Dinnebier
Senior Business Development Manager

SMS is a unique communication channel providing functionality that is important for today’s requirements and that becomes even more important. This will guarantee its role in the future of telecommunication. SMS can be used universally and across the boundaries of technical systems – in a secure way. There’s a good future for that.