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IceWarp - SMS Broadcast
from e-mail servers

Send text messages from your mail client
right to mobile devices to gain maximized
customer awareness.

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  • SMS broadcast inside of your mail client
  • simple configuration based on prepared template
  • Define rules to send SMS updates
  • No base fee, no monthly minimum
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Send SMS right from your e-mail server

Use the IceWarp e-mail server to send SMS straight from your regular e-mail client. IceWarp version 11.4.1 and higher lets you access templates to send SMS via GTX routes. You can define events that trigger an SMS broadcast - or you inform other persons such as customers or colleagues about current offers or important updates. This is possible with just one click on your side, leading to a much higher level of awareness on the recipient's side.

All you need to utilize the SMS functionality is a gtx messaging account that can be set up free of charge. Standard SMS to all German networks are charged at €0.069 plus VAT. Based on our extensive international network you can reach almost any destination worldwide without additional efforts and through the same interface. Just top up your GTX Messaging account with any desired value and use the IceWarp mail server SMS functionality right away. There are no minimum charges or monthly fees.

Free and non-binding test

Create your account now and receive starting credit for up to 20 SMS.