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SMS-Messaging for
Synesty Studio

In cooperation with Synesty GTX provides a simple
Drag & Drop solution for SMS messaging for the Synesty
Studio spectrum. Incorporate different fields of application
for SMS messaging in your own system.

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Your Advantages

  • SMS triggered by events in any field of application
  • SMS for eCommerce usage in combination with Shopware, plentymarkets, magento etc.
  • SMS status updates, special discounts and shipping notifications
  • Easy to use without any technical knowledge

Possible combinations

Combine these applications & programs with GTX SMS:

Possible combinations of GTX SMS and Synesty 

HTTP, WebDAV und FTP, Plentymarkets, Veloconnect, PIXI, Amazon PartnerNet, Shopware, Magento, OXID, Informatica AddressDoctor, GREYHOUND CRM, PriceMinister, Hitmeister, Datenfeed unf Filter-Tools, API-Connector-Tools, Newsletter2Go, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 und Twitter

Simple SMS integration in your technical infrastructure and communicationstrategy

Thanks to the cooperation between Synesty and GTX, Synesty users are now able to expand many applications & programs with SMS messaging. Among the options is the possibility to send SMS to your customers or employees triggered by events from your ERP-system, Shopsystem, office file or social media.

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The SMS-integration in Synesty is completely flexible and modular and offers the possibility to use the known advantages of the SMS – It’s fast, it’s safe & highly accepted – in any context.

For instance, Synesty users can send SMS messages to customers when an order from the connected webshop has been sent or an item that the customer has searched for in the past has been restocked. The message content and the events that trigger the SMS message are completely selectable and customisable. The only requirement: Synesty users need to register for GTX Messaging and top up their credits. After that you can incorporate Synesty seamlessly and start sending SMS messages directly from Magento, plentymarkets or Shopware.

The integration of SMS messaging in Synesty Studio is to a great extend possible without any programming knowledge. Synesty users can create any combination. Imagine the situation where an SMS message is sent when a user uploads receives new shared files in Google Drive. Even one changed line in a shared excel file on Dropbox can trigger an SMS if you choose it to be a relevant trigger. Not only the triggers and events are free customisable, also the message content that you send over GTX are to be set by you.

With GTX you can integrate SMS messaging in any application or programm which is compatible with Synesty Studio.

You only need a Synesty-package, a GTX SMS account and the for your application needed add-ons.

To use SMS in Synesty Studio, open your GTX SMS account here.

You can find more information about Synesty Studio here >

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Free and non-binding test

Create your account now and receive starting credit for up to 20 SMS.