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Connect Apps - Automate Workflows

Easy SMS integration for busy people.
Connect our mobile messaging service with your
web apps so you can focus on your important tasks


  • Connects with hundreds of apps
  • Keeps you up to date intelligently
  • Don't miss important events
  • Helps automate processes
Zapier - GTX App combinations

Combine GTX SMS with many different triggers and automate your workflow!

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Easily integrate SMS in your web apps and increase efficiency

Connecting your web applications and automating workflows, ‘GTX SMS’ for zapier brings the benefits of SMS to your Google Mail, Dropbox, Mailchimp, Evernote or Salesforce account.

This API allows for an integrated communication and coordination between web apps and people, saving important time while increasing efficiency. Simply define triggers, set rules or forward parameters using our ‘GTX SMS’ app for zapier. For instance, define a rule by which your Google Calendar is browsed for appointments with specific people and/or with a high priority. Our ‘GTX SMS’ app easily sends SMS to those involved, facilitating coordination with minimal effort.

Depending on the variables you can access and use with other apps, there are thousands of options to automate services and send single or multiple individualized SMS. Technical know-how is not required – all it takes is a little testing to see how easy integrating SMS can be.

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