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SMS Gateway API

Simply connect to the world

SMS is your trusted messaging channel to reach customers or
business partners. With GTX Gateway you can implement
SMS in your business while using our easy-to-integrate APIs for
your infrastructure.

Start sending SMS today

Your SMS Gateway

Connect your business to our messaging tool and start sending right away

Use our GTX APIs to integrate easy and secure SMS messaging into your personal business. Our service will help you to automatically inform customers or business partners through reliable short messages in a blink of an eye. Our support team is ready to assist and we'll make sure your SMS will be delivered on time.

Your benefits

  • Easy integration by HTTP or SMPP
  • Ideal for any size of campaign
  • No setup fee, no monthly minimum
  • Connection to international infrastructure

Your SMS Gateway - Details

SMS is your communication tool to be as fast as the world.
With our SMS Gateway, you can integrate SMS broadcasting in your own infrastructure.
Seamlessly connect to our reliable service through universally accepted protocols and APIs.
Send out individual messages or large-scale mailings – all right from the heart of your own service.
Our technicians make sure every single SMS arrives.

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GTX offers solutions designed right for your company’s needs while maintaining the ultimate advantage of SMS: keeping the prices of communication extremely low.

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Our team constantly works on solutions to integrate GTX Your Gateway right in your own infrastructure. Simply choose from our protocols: HTTP, SMPP and a growing range of APIs.

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Making sure that no message gets lost and all recipients get your messages, GTX Your Gateway is the option for seamless communication right from the heart of apps, web shops and mobile services.

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We have been in the market since 2006. Based on the strong infrastructure and close ties with partners In the SMS industry, we securely connect your service through universally accepted gateways.

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