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SMS is the right way to spread it

No matter what kind of industry your company works in,
GTX provides individual solutions to
integrate SMS easily and efficiently.

The all-rounder called SMS

Whether you are a dentist who wants to send appointment reminders by SMS, an online-retailer who wants to inform customers about new stock and the delivery status of their order or secure your IT-system with a one-time password authentication. Our custom-tailored solutions can help you incorporate SMS messaging in any field of use. Have a look at the following use cases to see how businesses have successfully incorporated SMS messaging in their communication strategy.

App Downloads and Registrations


SMS for App Downloadlinks IconSMS drives the conversion rate on mobile campaigns. To broadcast registration data or passwords for apps, our technology is the safest and easiest way.

More information about our App Downloads and Registrations use case >

Usecase SMS for App Downloads Example
Usecase SMS for Discounts Example

Discounts and SMS Couponing

SMS for Discounts IconWhat's more direct than direct marketing? Customers are always happy to receive information about the best deals right on their mobile phone.

More information about our Discounts and SMS Couponing use case >

SMS alerts and monitoring

Usecase SMS Alerts IconIf you run a company with crucial technological processes, it's important to keep your staff informed at all times. SMS is the guaranteed way to do so. 

More information about our SMS for Technical Alerts use case >

Usecase SMS for Alerts Example
SMS for appointment reminders

SMS appointment reminders

SMS appointment reminder IcomYou'd like to make sure your customer remembers the time and place for your next appointment and you don't want to bother him with a time-consuming phone call.

More information about our SMS for appointment reminders use case >

SMS order and status updates

SMS Status Updates IconTo notify customers about an outgoing shipment or to update them about re-stockings, SMS offers the most direct and non-intrusive way.

More information about our SMS for Order & Status Updates use case >

SMS Alerts for public authorities

SMS Alerts

Icon SMS Emergency alertsHelp public authorities saving lives by enabling them to share emergency alerts via SMS. GTX helps your organisation spreading crucial information in no time and through a save channel

More information about our SMS alerts use case >

SMS Payment Reminders

Icon SMS payment reminderUse GTX to inform your company's customers about upcoming payments easy and secure via SMS. Reduce costs on your individual dunning process in the blink of an eye.

More information about our SMS for payment reminders use case >

SMS payment reminders

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