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SMS Discounts
and Couponing

What's more direct than direct marketing?
Customers are always happy to receive information
about the best deals right on their mobile phone

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Use case details

  • Promote special offers to SMS marketing database
  • Send out special deals by SMS to targeted recipients
  • Deliver direct access to your special offer by SMS
  • Deliver newsletters and marketing messages by SMS
  • SMS keeps cost of marketing low and performance up
Discount sms example

Discounts and SMS Couponing

In order to inform mobile users of hot offers, to deliver mobile newsletters or channel all forms of marketing messages to your mobile audience, SMS is the proven way. Inexpensive and fast, it offers you a direct way to customers' phones. SMS also allows for a direct call to action and links that will deliver the users directly to the promotion you advertise. Easy to install, guaranteed to arrive - SMS is the ideal way to drive offers to large and small audiences alike.

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