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SMS order and
status Updates

To notify customers about an outgoing shipment
or to update them about re-stockings, SMS offers
the most direct and non-intrusive way.

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Use case details

  • Send status updates on deliveries by SMS
  • Send tracking links on orders by SMS
  • Provide your customers planning security
  • Save time by sending out this information via SMS
  • Improve general value-added processes
SMS status updates example

SMS Order & Status Updates

Your customer is waiting for your delivery and needs to plan his resale or his ongoing usage of your product in order to save time and money. SMS is the most reliable communication tool to make sure your status updates will be delivered timely and without distraction. The short messages contain tracking-links in order to oversee the delivery route of your product. Customers will know their order has been shipped or see it is back in stock. This information helps your customers by planning his storage activities or even his ongoing sales processes without the need of a time-consuming conversation.

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