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SMS payment reminder and
dunning process

Use GTX to inform your company's customers about
upcoming payments easy and secure via SMS.
Reduce costs on your individual dunning process
in the blink of an eye

Send payment reminders right away

Use case details

  • No specific hardware requirements
  • Cost-cutting on your dunning process
  • no misuse of sensitive data
  • no basic fees or minimum revenues
SMS payment reminder example

Payment reminders via SMS for online shops and stationary stores

Our SMS webtool as well as the direct integration of our HTTP-interface into your dunning process will help you to reach out to your customers in default of payment in a hurry. Via SMS you're able to inform them on the amount of the outstanding residue. Furthermore, your company will cut its costs for dunning processes while also enhancing transparency on previous admonitions. This will lead to an increase of your customer's willingness to pay.

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