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Two Factor Authentication powered by SMS

Keeping user accounts secure must be a top priority anywhere.
With gtx messaging, you can benefit from SMS technology
to authenticate account movements in an easy way.

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Use case details

  • Heightened security based on unique SMS tokens
  • Mobile availability of authentication process
  • Minimized risk of intrusions and attacks
  • Dynamic code creation mechanisms
  • Easy configuration and user friendly process
Two Factor Security Code example - GTX Messaging

Raising Security Standards: SMS for 2 Factor Authentication


If you want to safeguard your system from unwanted security breaches, providing a secure authentication process will be a key element. SMS can play a major role in this process, allowing for users to manage their login information from their mobile phones. With GTX Messaging, you can establish an SMS-based 2 factor authentication. Our solution allows for mobile authentication by means of SMS PIN codes, a proven and highly secure channel. This process is backed by a dynamic code generation mechanism to lift security to the maximum. Our solution is simple to install, works immediately and lets any user authenticate login information based on SMS messages.

SMS PIN Authentification

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